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First hospital in Italy to administer the Monoclonal Antibody to fragile patients affected by COVID

The first symptomatic, immunosuppressed patient aged 55 with SARS-CoV-2 infection with the Monoclonal Antibody (Evusheld) was treated at the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Verona University Hospital.

The treatment is available within the MANTICO-2 Study, funded by AIFA and coordinated by Verona University hospital in 14 Italian centers and aims to define the best early outpatient treatment for COVID-19. The study compares the efficacy of an intravenous Monoclonal Antibody (Sotrovimab) with the new Evusheld Monoclonal Antibody administered intramuscularly and with oral therapy in tablets (Paxlovid), also analysing the variants of the virus responsible for the infection.

"The innovation of this treatment aside from the speed with which it can administered lies in the duration of the effect" – says Evelina Tacconelli - Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Verona University Hospital - " indeed the antibodies remain in the blood for at least six months protecting the patient from further infections ".

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