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VACCELERATE: Survey to identify barriers in vaccine research

The EU-funded research network VACCELERATE has just released a survey targeted at professionals with expertise in vaccines/vaccinations, with the aim to identify barriers to participation in vaccine trials among pregnant and lactating women, children and older adults (over 65 years old).

The results of this survey are expected to help the researchers more thoroughly understand what hampers the access to vaccine research and trial enrolment of the selected underserved groups.

If you are a professional in this field working with one or more of these population groups, please consider participating in this survey. It consists of 11 questions and will take ~10 minutes to complete.

You can access the survey through this link.

Please also share the survey to your network and pass on the link.

The pan-European project “VACCELERATE” is funded by the EC under Grant Agreement No 101037867. VACCELERATE is a network of research institutes that envisions to streamline vaccine development for COVID-19 and future outbreaks, and to improve participation in vaccine trials across European countries. More information:


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