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ID-CARE researcher joins Ecraid's Young Investigator Workshop

The video is now available for Ecraid's Young Investigator Workshop from ESCMID Global earlier this year. The session, attended by ID-CARE Research Fellow, Jacopo Garlasco, covered the traditional clinical research model and its limits, innovative approaches and advantages of perpetual observational studies (POS) and the lessons learned in the POS-VAP study.

This workshop was organised by Ecraid and ESCMID - European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and is supported by the EU-funded ECRAID-Base project.

Watch the video here:

📸 From left to right: Marc Shamier, Ana Hernandez, Yrene Themistocleous, Holly Jackson, and Jacopo Garlasco

The ECRAID-Base Project (GA: 965313)aims to establish an independent pan-European clinical research network which will generate scientific evidence focused on improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. The project will involve six perpetual observational studies (POS) across Europe; some of them conducted in intensive care, emergency care and primary care settings and related to different infectious diseases, all of them with the opportunity of integrating clinical research trials and developing into an adaptive platform trial. The common aim is the promptly respond to future public health threats. Find out more here:


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