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The University of Verona with ID-CARE is national coordinator in the new EU VACCELERATE project

The European Union mobilises € 12 Mio. from Horizon 2020 to support the rapid establishment of a new EU-wide vaccine trial network. VACCELERATE will connect all European stakeholders involved in COVID-19 vaccine development and form the pan-European backbone accelerating phase 2 & 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials.

There is continued need for phase 2 & 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials to reach long-term, large-scale immunity of the entire European population. These trials will now be coordinated through the pan-European research network VACCELERATE.

The VACCELERATE project is led by the University Hospital Cologne, Germany and currently involves 26 partners from 16 EU-member states and 5 EU-associated countries, while other countries are encouraged to join. VACCELERATE will be established as the network for pandemic preparedness in Europe, which will create structures to test new vaccine candidates fast and effectively, even after Corona. VACCELERATE will organize a Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) that facilitates strategic discussions and identifies unanswered public health needs together with health authorities, vaccine developers, and international vaccine initiatives.

"The University of Verona fins itself, once again, at the forefront of Italy in coordinating clinical research and reducing the dramatic consequences of COVID-19", comments the Rector Pier Francesco Nocini. "The creation of national networks for vaccination against SARS-Cov-2 aims to provide European citizens with the certainty of rapid and efficient studies and independent and qualified control of the effectiveness and side effects of vaccines", adds Evelina Tacconelli, director of the Section of Infectious Diseases and scientific manager of the project for the University of Verona. "The project looks beyond COVID-19 with the aim of increasing Italy's preparation and ability to respond to critical events such as pandemics".

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