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PRIMAVERA (PRedicting the Impact of Monoclonal Antibodies & Vaccines on Antimicrobial ResistAnce)

A new open source platform for the study of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines on antimicrobial resistance

A 5-year project, funded by IMI with 9 million euro, involving 19 partners from EU countries, the United Kingdom and Russia, 16 academic institutions and stakeholders including pharmaceutical companies.

The ID-CARE team of the University of Verona led by Prof. Tacconelli is a partner in the project.

With an innovative evidence-based approach, the project aims to develop an open-source platform that allows faster and more effective access to relevant epidemiological data including both health and economic data- and to prioritize research and development of strategies to reduce the burden of antimicrobial resistance.

See Italian media for relevant articles:

Direct access to the Primavera project website is here:


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