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EPI-Net gives updates on emerging resistances to new antibiotics @ European Public Health Conference

The ID-CARE EPI-Net Team presents their updates on emerging resistances to new antibiotics at the 16th European Public Health Conference – EPH 2023

The 16th European Public Health (EPH) Conference took place last week at the CCD Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland, with more than 2,450 attendees from 85 countries.

Organised every year in partnership by the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and the EPH Conference Foundation, this event gathers experts in a variety of public health subjects from across and outside Europe. Further information about the conference can be found on this link.

This year’s edition, entitled Our Food, Our Health, Our Earth, hosted a course of parallel sessions dedicated to the topic Fighting infectious diseases: Epidemiology, Pandemic, Vaccines, where antimicrobial resistance was an absolute protagonist among panellists’ speeches in consideration of this expected increase in epidemiological burden.

During one of these sessions, on behalf of the EPI-Net team within the EU-Funded ECRAID-Base project (Work Package 9.C), Jacopo Garlasco from ID-CARE UNIVR presented the latest updates in EPI-Net’s study on emerging resistance to new antibiotics. Specifically, data available in journal publications and surveillance systems were analysed to portray the current status of newly-approved molecules and drug combinations regarding trends in emerging resistance records, time prior to development of resistance, outbreaks by pathogens resistant to each drug, and inclusion of drugs into national surveillance systems.

The presentation met a really interested audience, who provided in-depth questions about work methodologies and possible future developments. You can read more about EPI-Net here, while the abstract of the presentation can be found here, as an online Supplement of the European Journal of Public Health:

Arieti F, Garlasco J, Magrini E, Tebon M, Compri M, Babu Rajendran N, Pezzani MD, Tacconelli E. Identifying quantitative evidence-based parameters to monitor emerging resistance to new antibiotics. European Journal of Public Health 2023; 33(S2):ckad160.214. Link:


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