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ID-CARE Director, Prof. Evelina Tacconelli receives the “ESCMID Lifetime Achievement Award”

During the opening ceremony of the ESCMID Global conference from the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), Prof. Evelina Tacconelli, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Verona, head physician and director of the Infectious Diseases section (ID-CARE) of the University Hospital of Verona, and scientific director of Ecraid (European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases), will receive the prestigious "ESCMID Lifetime Achievement Award" in recognition of her exceptional contribution to the field of infectious diseases.

The ESCMID Lifetime Achievement Award is rewarded to infectious disease specialists or microbiologists who have distinguished themselves through an outstanding contribution to ESCMID's mission, which is to support medical progress in the field of infections.

“I am honored to receive this Lifetime Achievement Award. ESCMID's mission, to improve infection management and advance science, means a lot to me and is at the heart of my work and that of my colleagues working with me in Verona: producing high-level scientific evidence in the field of Infectious Diseases to improve the care of patients. Nothing is more important than this.” -Prof. Evelina Tacconelli

The main objective of ESCMID is to intensify the fight against antimicrobial resistance, promote medical preparedness for emerging infections and guide the clinical practice, education and training of specialists. ESCMID Global (previously called ECCMID), the association's conference, is now in its 34th year and has become the largest and most important global conference in the field of infectious diseases, bringing together more than 16,000 colleagues from around the world for scientific education, networking and presentation of new results in the field of prevention and therapy. Prof. Tacconelli will present on the role of new rapid tests to improve the conscious use of antibiotics and the ID-CARE team from the University of Verona will provide over 20 scientific presentations. See when and where are team are presenting on this link:


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