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The global threat of antimicrobial resistance: science for intervention

I Roca , M Akova, F Baquero, J Carlet, M Cavaleri, S Coenen, J Cohen, D  Findlay, I Gyssens, O E Heuer, G Kahlmeter, H Kruse R Laxminarayan, E  Liébana, L López-Cerero, A MacGowan, M Martins, J Rodríguez-Baño, J-M  Rolain, C Segovia, B Sigauque, E Tacconelli, E Wellington, J Vila.

New Microbes New Infect. 2015 Apr 16;6:22-9. doi: 10.1016/j.nmni.2015.02.007., 04/2015.

In the last  decade we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the proportion and  absolute number of bacterial pathogens resistant to multiple  antibacterial agents. Multidrug-resistant bacteria are currently  considered as an emergent global disease and a major public health  problem. The B-Debate meeting brought together renowned experts  representing the main stakeholders (i.e. policy makers, public health  authorities, regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies and the  scientific community at large) to review the global threat of antibiotic  resistance and come up with a coordinated set of strategies to fight  antimicrobial resistance in a multifaceted approach. We summarize the  views of the B-Debate participants regarding the current situation of  antimicrobial resistance in animals and the food chain, within the  community and the healthcare setting as well as the role of the  environment and the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic  strategies, providing expert recommendations to tackle the global threat  of antimicrobial resistance.

Keywords: Antibiotic consumption; antibiotic resistance; antibiotic  stewardship; antibiotics as growth promoters; drug discovery; infection  control measures; multidrug resistant bacteria; self-medication;  surveillance; wastewater treatment plants.

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