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Challenges for a broad international implementation of the current severe community-acquired pneumonia guidelines

Salluh JIF, Póvoa P, Beane A, Kalil A, Sendagire C, Sweeney DA, Pilcher D, Polverino E, Tacconelli E, Estenssoro E, Frat JP, Ramirez J, Reyes LF, Roca O, Nseir S, Nobre V, Lisboa T, Martin-Loeches I.

Severe community-acquired pneumonia (sCAP) remains one of the leading causes of admission to the intensive care unit, thus consuming a large share of resources and is associated with high mortality rates worldwide. The evidence generated by clinical studies in the last decade was translated into recommendations according to the first published guidelines focusing on severe community-acquired pneumonia. Despite the advances proposed by the present guidelines, several challenges preclude the prompt implementation of these diagnostic and therapeutic measures. The present article discusses the challenges for the broad implementation of the sCAP guidelines and proposes solutions when applicable.

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