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Start Date

May 2018


24 months


Title: Punctual prevalence surveillance of healthcare-associated infections, enteric colonization by multi-drug resistant bacteria and consumption of antibiotics in long-term care facilities (LTCFs) in the Veneto region.

Design: observational

Registration Number: 1759 CESC VR_RO

Primary Objective: to evaluate the prevalence of HCAI by site of infection, to estimate the prevalence of enteric colonization by C.difficile and MDR-GNB (ESBL and CRE), Pseudomonaceae producing Carbapenemases and the consumption of antibiotics for therapeutic indication.

Secondary Objective: to estimate the prevalence of resistance to different antibiotics by the different bacterial species responsible for infection within the LTCF of the Veneto region. To describe the ICP and antimicrobial stewardship measures already in place in the LTCFs involved. To evaluate the association between enteric colonization by C.difficile and MDR-GNB and the presence of risk fators. To evaluate the appropriateness of the empirical prescription of antibiotics in LTCF, compared to the indications provided by the available antibiotic treatment guidelines.

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Publications: n.a.


University of Verona (Coordinator)
Regione Veneto


  • Anna Maria Azzini

  • Evelina Tacconelli

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