Chemsex MSM

Start Date

July 2019


12 months


Title: Chemsex use among MSM in Verona: prevalence study among HIV/STIs clinic attendees at high risk for HIV/STIs.

Design: Prospective study

Registration number: n.a.

Primary objective: Assessing the local prevalence and the epidemiological characteristics of chemsex use amongst MSM who attends the two HIV/STIs screening facilities in Verona.

Secondary objectives:

  1. evaluating the socio-demographic characteristics pf chemsex users,

  2. evaluating the risk factors related to the use of chems before/during sex

  3. evaluating the STIs prevalence among chemsex users vs non-chemsex users

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Publications: Submitted


University of Verona (Coordinator)
ULSS9 Scaligera


  • Evelina Tacconelli

  • Maddalena Cordioli

  • Massimo Mirandola