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Launch of the ECRAID-Base project: pan-European network for infectious diseases in Europe

The ECRAID-Base (European Clinical Research Alliance for Infectious Diseases) initial kick-off took place on 2 March 2021 as a virtual meeting.

The Horizon2020 funded ECRAID-Base project is the core set of activities for ECRAID (the European Clinical Research Alliance for Infectious Diseases), which aspires to become the first of its kind, pan-European clinical research network for infectious diseases in Europe. Over the five-year duration of ECRAID-Base, ECRAID will evolve into a self-sustaining, not-for-profit organisation conducting clinical research for both public and private sponsors.

The project will support six perpetual observational studies (POS) across Europe. Five of these studies will be new studies carried out in ICU, ER and primary care settings in different infectious disease areas. They will all have the possibility of integrating clinical trials and developing into adaptive platform trials. The ECRAID Base project will also support the ongoing international adaptive platform trial REMAP-CAP. The network will be supported by crosscutting efforts on laboratory management, data management and training, ensuring efficient network management and continuous capacity building.

The University of Verona with ID-CARE will coordinate the 6 sites in Italy participating in the trial under the direction of Prof. Evelina Tacconelli.

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