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23 ID-CARE presentations at ECCMID this year

Later this month, ID-CARE Team Members will be joining over 16,000 infectious disease and microbiology specialists at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Barcelona.

The European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) has become one of the largest and the foremost congresses in the field of infection, bringing together >16,000 colleagues from all over the world for scientific education, networking and exchange. The comprehensive scientific programme is built by the ECCMID Programme Committee (EPC), an independent group of experts representing all disciplines related to clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, infection prevention and control and public health. This ensures that the programme is a combination that spans the entire range of topics in these fields, allowing every participant to have a comprehensive educational and networking experience.

Members of the ID-CARE team will be attending and presenting, with a total of 23 presentations; 6 of which will be oral presentations and educational sessions. See below for an overview of the presentations taking place, make sure you come by and say hello!

Saturday 27th April

08:30 - 10:30, Hall E, Oral Presentation

Latent transition analysis accurately describes post-COVID condition dynamics: the ORCHESTRA prospective international cohort. A. Górska, R. Gusinow, I. Lopes-Rafegas, E. Gentilotti, L.M. Canziani, P. Olivares Navarro, G. De Boer, M. Di Chiara, G. Maccarrone, A.M. Florence, K. Wold, S. Cataudella, J. Hasenauer, G. Levy Hara, A. Tami, M. Giannella, C. Laouénan, J. Rodríguez Baño, E. Tacconelli

16:15 - 17:15, Arena 4, ePoster Flash Session

Developing meta-analysis-based clinical algorithm to diagnose the aetiology of community-acquired acute respiratory tract infections in adults. A. Górska, E. Gentilotti, P. De Nardo, F. Mazzaferri, E. Cremonini, A. Van Der Velden, S. Coenen, G. Hayward, C. Butler, E. Tacconelli.

Sunday 28th April

09:30, Hall F, Educational Session

How can current rapid diagnostic tests support antibiotic stewardship? Evelina Tacconelli.

11:00 - 12:00, Arena 1, ePoster Flash Session

Impact of antimicrobial resistance in predicting 14-day mortality in patients with sepsis: external validation of the Bloomy 14-day scores in high endemic country for multidrug-resistant Gram- negative bacteria. F. Cioli Puviani, A.M. Azzini, O. Laudanna, M. Morra, R. Scardellato, C. Konishi De Toffoli, G. Magnani, E. Piccinno, M. Rocchi, G. Rosini, F. Luca, L. Rovigo, G. Tassoni, D. Girelli, E. Tacconelli.

Monday 29th April

09:30 - 10:30, Arena 2, ePoster Flash Session

Frequency of urinary tract infections caused by six key antibiotic resistant pathogens across Europe: a systematic review and meta-analysis. M.D. Pezzani, M.E. De Rui, F. Arieti, B. Barana, N. Babu Rajendran, E. Cappelli, N. Hassoun-Kheir, M.E.A. De Kraker, J. Rodriguez Bano, S. Harbarth, P. Beryl Gladstone, E. Tacconelli.

11:00 - 12:00, Hall L, Oral Presentation

Antibiotic prescribing appropriateness in the emergency department: impact on bacteraemic patients. M. Bertoldi, M. Sibani, J. Garlasco, E. Carrara, E. Cichellero, M. Morra, S. Avallone, A. Maccagnani, S. Bonomo, C. Paolillo, M. Carlucci, A. Mazzariol, L. Maccacaro, E. Tacconelli.

14:00 - 14:30, Hall E, Educational Session

IncOrPorating Ethics iN clINical Guidelines: the ESCMID OPENING project. Elda Righi.

Tuesday 30th April

11:00 - 12:00, Arena 3, ePoster Flash Session

The emerging resistance index: identifying evidence-based quantitative parameters to monitor resistance to newly-approved antibiotics. J. Garlasco, F. Arieti, M. Tebon, S.K. Foster, E. Magrini, M.D. Pezzani, N. Babu Rajendran, E. Tacconelli.

11:00 - 12:00, Hall J, Oral Presentation

Supporting synergies across European cohorts for optimal evidence generation: the case of the Cohort Coordination Board. L.M. Canziani, R. Davis, R.L. Flett, G. Pantaleo, I. Abubakar, F. Incardona, G. Rinck, M. Kanerva, L. Maxwell, P. Caro Chinchilla, J.L. Peñalvo, A. Judd, Z.D. Pana, V.C. Simensen, E. Tacconelli.

14:00 - 14:30, Hall F, Educational Session

Treatment, prophylaxis and decolonisation of MDRGN carriers. Elena Carrara.

Paper Posters - from 12:00 in the Poster Area

Saturday 27th April

Driving selection of target populations to design RCT assessing therapies for the prevention and treatment of the post-COVID-19 syndrome. Anna Górska, Elisa Gentilotti, Lorenzo Maria Canziani, Roy Gusinow, Iris Lopes, Maria Giulia Caponcello, Michela Di Chiara, Aline-Marie Florence, Salvatore Cataudella, Jan Hasenauer, Gabriel Levy Hara, Adriana Tami, Maddalena Giannella, Cédric Laouénan, Evelina Tacconelli.

Neurosensorial cluster of the post-COVID 19 syndrome: prospective psychophysical assessment of smell and taste function and impact on quality of life. Elisa Gentilotti, Anna Gorska, Maria Paola Cecchini, Massimo Mirandola, Marco Meroi, Pasquale De Nardo, Andrea Sartori, Chiara Konishi De Toffoli, Samir Kumar-Singh, Gianluigi Zanusso, Salvatore Monaco, Evelina Tacconelli.

Anti-RBD IgG titres after a primary vaccination course with BNT162b2 and after a third booster dose with a first-generation m-RNA vaccine in a cohort of people living with HIV. Anna Maria Azzini; Assunta Sartor; Valentina Lando; Anna Erbogasto, Marco Bertoldi; Enrico Gibbin; Alessandro Castelli; Giulia De Luca; Chiara Perlini, Alessandro Visentin; Matteo Morra; Daniele Fasan, Filippo Cioli Puviani; Francesco Luca; Elda Righi; Evelina Tacconelli.

Bio-humoral characterisation of patients by clusters of post-COVID-19 syndrome at 18-month follow-up: the multicentre, prospective ORCHESTRA study. Elisa Gentilotti, Anna Górska, Lorenzo Maria Canziani, Alessandro Visentin, Roy Gusinow, Maria Giulia Caponcello, Michela Di Chiara, Aline-Marie Florence, Salvatore Cataudella, Jan Hasenauer, Gabriel Levy Hara, Adriana Tami, Maddalena Giannella, Cédric Laouénan, Jesús Rodríguez Baño, Evelina Tacconelli, and ORCHESTRA Study Group.

Going with the STREAM: a quality improvement intervention in solid organ transplantation.  A. Visentin, M. Mirandola, C. Caletti, C. Cutone, M. Rocchi, L. Bonato, G. Vantini, M. Armellini, F. Onorati, L. San Biagio, G. Mazzeo, L. Boschiero, A. Borin, A. Carraro, E. Righi, E. Tacconelli.

Bayesian analysis of a randomized trial comparing the clinical efficacy of early treatments of COVID-19. A. Nazeri, M. Mirandola, F. Mazzaferri, A. Savoldi, G. Maccarrone, L. Sasset, M. Morra, E. Gibbin, G. Rosini, A. Castelli, L. Rovigo, L. Calandrino, E. Sozio, L. Martini, O. Simonetti, R. Pol, Briano F., De Socio G., Siciliano V., Corcione S., N. Magrini, A. Cattelan, C. Tascini, E. Tacconelli.

T-cell mediated response and post-COVID-19 syndrome. E. Righi et al.

Sunday 28th April

How much can we SAVE? A cost-effectiveness analysis of an antibiotic stewardship intervention in the intensive care setting. Sammarco AM, Erbogasto A, Sibani M, Simari S, Fattori MM, Gandini G, Tonolli C, Marini P, Polati E, Bravi MC, Tacconelli E, Carrara E.

When atypical does not mean uncommon. Mycobacterium fortuitum infection in breast surgery with prothesis implant: case report and literature review. Giulia De Luca, Lucia Bonato, Maria Diletta Pezzani, Enrico Vigato, Maurizio Governa, Evelina Tacconelli.

Geriatric ward perspectives on antibiotic use in palliative care: need for specific antibiotic policies. Matteo Morra, Federico Lattanzi, Tommaso Strazzaboschi, Marcella Sibani, Elena Carrara, Nicola Duccio Salerno, Giorgia Fontana, Vincenzo De Francesco, Bissoli Maria Teresa, Zamboni Mauro, EvelinaTacconelli.

Monday 29th April

Status of surveillance of antifungal resistance in candidaemia to inform antifungal stewardship in European countries. Liliana Galia, Sarah Foster, Eva Cappelli, Evelina Tacconelli.

Tuesday 30th April

Development and validation of an easy-to-use electronic data capture system for HIV-STIs data collection and management to be applied for future health emergencies. Alessia Savoldi, Matteo Morra, Maddalena Cordioli, Ilaria dalla Vecchia, Nigel Sherriff, Alexandra Sawyer, Igor Toskin, Evelina Tacconelli, Massimo Mirandola.

Pooled analysis of randomized trials comparing the clinical efficacy of early treatments of COVID-19. Valentina Mazzotta, Fulvia Mazzaferri, Simone Lanini, Massimo Mirandola, Alessandro Cozzi Lepri, Alessandra Vergori, Alessia Savoldi, Pasquale de Nardo, Francesca Bai, Gaia Maccarone, Loredana Sarmati, Carlo Tascini, Enrico Girardi, Cattelan Anna Maria, Andrea Antinori, Evelina Tacconelli.


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