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CCB representatives attend EuCARE workshop in Geneva

Earlier this week, our ID-CARE Cohort Coordination Board (CCB) team attended the workshop of the EuCARE project held under the auspices of the Brocher Foundation, titled "Data privacy, data property and data sharing: an interdisciplinary dialogue for post-pandemic transnational research". The workshop was held in Geneva, Switzerland, at the domain of the Brocher Foundation, seen in the photo below.

Lorenzo (pictured below, setting up for the workshop) and Ruth, both from ID-CARE, found the event incredibly engaging, and the discussion on data sharing particularly interesting, noting that it was enriched by the multidisciplinary and diverse group of attendants, which included specialists in medicine, law and machine learning.

Our team presented the Cohort Coordination Board (CCB) and ORCHESTRA as examples of fruitful collaboration between multiple partners. ORCHESTRA uses "federated learning" for the data sharing infrastructure, which helps to overcome many of the common issues of data sharing.

The CCB is a board that aims to encourage knowledge-sharing between EU-funded projects to spark partnerships, discuss similar challenges and reduce overlap between projects. It is comprised of European Commission representatives, all the EU-funded projects conducting COVID-19 cohort-based research, other relevant initiatives, partners from industry and other stakeholders.

ORCHESTRA is an EU-funded project, created as a response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, to connect pan-European cohorts. Find out more here:


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