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Increase in visceral adipose tissue in a woman living with HIV after introduction of integrase strand transfer inhibitor

Piacentini D, Lanzafame M, Rizzardo S, Chiesi S, Lattuada E, Mehrabi S, Zamboni G, Mazzi R, Tacconelli E, Vento S

Abstract: Integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) are a class of antiretroviral drugs with high virologic efficacy and excellent tolerability. Recent evidence showed a possible link of dolutegravir-based regimens with weight gain, and a relationship between raltegravir use and changes in adipose tissue density and metabolic abnormalities, with an increased cardiovascular risk, has been suggested. We describe a case where dolutegravir monotherapy led to a decrease in adipose tissue density.

Keywords: HIV; adipose tissue density; dolutegravir; integrase strand transfer inhibitor; weight gain.

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