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Start Date

May 2021


16 months


Title: Health systems analysis and evaluations of the barriers to availability, utilisation, and readiness of selected sexual and reproductive health services in COVID-19 affected areas.

Design: Qualitative study supported by a quantitative facility assessment.

Registration number: n.a.

Primary objective: Identifying the key gaps and barriers to the delivery of SRH services, providing a better understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on contraception, abortion care, treatment and care of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and care and support for people who experience(d) gender-based violence.

Secondary objectives:

  1. To inform recommendations for policy-makers and health managers to develop and strengthen policies and services to be more responsive to community needs during health emergencies.

  2. To provide a set of strategies to assess health facility and system readiness to respond to health emergencies in the future.

Interested in collaborations? WHO HQ is the leader of this project.

Publications: Submitted


University of Verona (Coordinator),
Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust,
Reproductive Health and Research Department of the World Health Organization WHO,
University of Brighton


  • Alessia Savoldi

  • Evelina Tacconelli

  • Maddalena Cordioli

  • Massimo Mirandola

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