ENACT - REACT COVID (risk assessment)

Start Date

March 2020


6 months


Title: Registry of COVID-19 Patients at AOUI Verona (ENACT – REACT COVID)

Design: Observational cohort study

Registration Number: Institutional Review Board: 2577CESC; ClinicalTrials.gov: NCT04497194

Primary Objective: to explore epidemiological and clinical predictors of poor outcomes in COVID-19 patients admitted to University Hospital of Verona

Secondary Objective(s):

-          To identify anamnestic and laboratory predictors of early clinical progression in COVID-19 patients;

-          To provide a prediction model for early identification of COVID-19 patients at risk of developing a potentially life-threatening disease

Interested in collaboration? Contact: Elisa Gentilotti, elisa.gentilotti@univr.it

Publications: N/A


University of Verona


  • Alessia Savoldi

  • Elda Righi

  • Elena Carrara

  • Elisa Gentilotti

  • Elisa Razzaboni

  • Evelina Tacconelli

  • Fabio Soldani

  • Monica Compri

  • Pasquale De Nardo