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ENACT - REACT COVID (risk assessment)

Start Date

March 2020


6 months


Title: Registry of COVID-19 Patients at AOUI Verona (ENACT – REACT COVID)

Design: Observational cohort study

Registration Number: Institutional Review Board: 2577CESC; NCT04497194

Primary Objective: to explore epidemiological and clinical predictors of poor outcomes in COVID-19 patients admitted to University Hospital of Verona

Secondary Objective(s):

-          To identify anamnestic and laboratory predictors of early clinical progression in COVID-19 patients;

-          To provide a prediction model for early identification of COVID-19 patients at risk of developing a potentially life-threatening disease

Interested in collaboration? Contact: Elisa Gentilotti,


Gentilotti E, Savoldi A, Compri M, Górska A, De Nardo P, Visentin A, Be G, Razzaboni E, Soriolo N, Meneghin D, Girelli D, Micheletto C, Mehrabi S, Righi E, Tacconelli E. Assessment of COVID-19 progression on day 5 from symptoms onset. BMC Infect Dis. 2021 Aug 28;21(1):883. .


University of Verona


  • Alessia Savoldi

  • Elda Righi

  • Elena Carrara

  • Elisa Gentilotti

  • Evelina Tacconelli

  • Fabio Soldani

  • Pasquale De Nardo

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