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ENACT - REACT COVID (microbiome signatures)

Start Date

March 2020


24 months


Title: Study of gut microbiome signatures in COVID-19.

Design: Longitudinal laboratory-based prospective study.

Registration Number: Verona cohort registered on

Primary Objective: to assess changes in the gut microbiome composition over time according to disease severity and treatment.

Secondary Objective(s): to find markers of microbiome composition correlated to immunological markers of infections; to assess changes in microbiome according to coinfections.

Interested in collaboration? Contact: Elda Righi (

Publications: Submitted


University of Verona


  • Elda Righi

  • Evelina Tacconelli

  • Ilaria Dalla Vecchia

  • Lorenza Lambertenghi

  • Nina Auerbach

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