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3rd VALUE-Dx General Assembly

Earlier this month, the VALUE-Dx team from ID-CARE headed to Barcelona for the Third General Assembly of the VALUE-Dx project.

During the event, representatives from the various work packages (WPs) presented an overview alongside updates of their work progress. Attendees engaged in valuable discussions centred around the sustainability of the project and how to ensure impact across all of the work packages. ID-CARE team members presented their work in relation to WP1 (Technological and Clinical Value Factors) and WP4 (PRUDENCE Trial), summarised below:

WP1: The ID-CARE team works on Clinical Algorithms to guide diagnoses of the etiology of community-acquired respiratory tract infections based on a comprehensive meta-analysis of point-of-care tests conducted previously. To ensure the sustainability of results, ID-CARE Team Member Anna Gorska and Director Evelina Tacconelli proposed the implementation of an automatic update for the meta-analysis to maintain the algorithm's relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of medical research and practice.

WP4: The ID-CARE team coordinates the long-term care facilities (LTCF) network of the PRUDENCE clinical trial whose aim is to demonstrate the value of diagnostics in the optimal management of Community-Acquired Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (CA-ARTIs). During the General Assembly, ID-CARE Team Member Oriana Awwad updated attendees on the network status in terms of sites taking part in the study, enrollments in the master trial, intensive sampling in the sub-study, major problems encountered, and the mitigation actions taken during the trial.

Collaboration and knowledge exchange continue to be the driving forces behind the VALUE-Dx project. The team eagerly anticipates further engagement with partners and stakeholders as they collectively strive to shape evidence-based solutions for managing antibiotic resistance.

VALUE-Dx aims to transform clinical practice, improve patient outcomes, and combat AMR, through the widespread use of clinical and cost-effective innovative diagnostics strategies to achieve more personalised, evidence-based antibiotic prescription and use in community care settings.

Find out more about the VALUE-Dx project here:


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